The Beast

The Beast was inspired by the fear we thought existed from an external threat. Some hidden monster in the forest. In truth, the beast is caged within ourselves.

We hold our emotions, fears, and painful emotions deep within ourselves. Caging these thoughts into a box that confines them. The Beast shows us that the truth is to show love within ourselves.

By accepting the very part of ourselves we have shoved down, we can heal. We can acknowledge the pain we have been through, to accept our pain and grow. The Beast just needs love after so much suffering. Once we set ourselves free by treating the core with love, we are free.

We will be creating a manifestation of the beast, caged, in metal and glass for Love Burn 2023.

More details and imagery coming soon.


To create, transport, and install life sized pieces of art is quite expensive. If you’d like to support these creations, you can donate to the building of these pieces!

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As we travel and create our installation pieces, we will be guided to manifest other forms into being. As The Beast will have partners, there will be other ideas to create.

If you wish to commission, partner, or fund the creation of any of our artwork you can contact us here. We appreciate any and all support.