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The first of the Freedom Origin Candles, bringing to life the celebration for the way of life we wish to live. As it represents the independence from a tyranny that brought prosperity.

This is an outdoor candle for Memorial Day or 4th of July celebrations or anytime you are feeling patriotic! The citronella repels mosquitos and other insects and the eucalyptus delights your sense of smell for a pleasant summer night experience.

Glass Information:
Each piece of glass is hand blown by Victor ‘Vito’ Almeida using soda lime glass. The color, size, and shape may vary in a set as they are custom made.

Dishwasher safe (not while it contains a candle)
Do NOT use hot liquids (hot tea, hot coffee, etc.)

C.O.E. 96 – Soda Lime Glass

Candle Information:
Candles are made with soy wax, hemp wicks, essential oils, and other scents. Caroline Sullivan carefully blends each scent mix and hand-pours the wax.

For best results, please cut the top of the wick before each use after the first use.

When the wax is low and the wick no longer lights, you can remove the wax by placing the candle in hot (not boiling) water as it heats up OR on an oven-safe dish as it preheats in the oven at 200 degrees F. The idea is to melt wax, but not heat up the glass too quickly so it does not crack. When the wax is melted, dispose of it in the trash. The remaining thin layer of wax will easily come off with dish soap and water so you can still enjoy your glass piece after the candle is gone.


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