Martial Arts Sparring & Stretching Seminar


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A sparring focused seminar aimed to teaching the actual application of stand up fighting. Aimed in self defense, those training will be focused on surviving rather than trying to score a point. We will be reviewing and practicing different techniques and then utilizing them in action while sparring.

Saturday, June 17th 2023 at 2:00 pm to 5:30pm
14118 Chadwick Lane
Rockville MD, 20853

Must have full sparring gear in order to attend!

Putting people in difficult situations in order to learn their open areas, train the mind to be calm to respond to difficult scenarios, and applying what you’ve learned in a practical format that increase confidence.

This training is essential in growing the usage of martial arts past what you just do inside the dojang. Learning to integrate these techniques allowing us to expand their capabilities.

Once we complete a focused training on specific techniques, we will stretch the muscles in order to create better movement throughout our self defense journey. Finishing off with a powerful breath exercise helping to alkalinize the body reducing soreness and helping instill more focus.

We aim to bring a calm state within the mind during these stressful situations creating a more ready to act vessel. With a still mind and calm spirit, we may more readily stray from danger and be able to handle it when it arises.

You can take this seminar further by practicing on your own at home some of the moves we’ll be learning or also join us in our online training where we can guide you towards achieving your goals.

Important Information:
All students are expected to treat the facility and all peoples with respect and courtesy.


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