Holistic Care

Holistic Care

Through calisthenics, meditation, stretching, and martial arts, we target the balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Creating a balance in our training allowing for functional exercises that also encourage healthy growth and aging. Learning how to establish healthy routines to care for our bodies as we experience the wonders of life.

Squat in Yosemite National Park Summer 2022

Starting off with Calisthenics to strengthen the body and bring heat into the body, we increase the functions of our vessels. Guiding through strengthening exercises that create a balance for posture, movement, and speed. Reducing bulk in favor of creating a lighter yet more compact muscle mass that is focused on explosiveness and control.

Stretching these muscles and ligaments is essential to increase the movement of the body while also making it more resistant to injury. Providing better blood flow, our stretching routines are effective in lengthening and increasing range of motion throughout the body. This is critical when training martial arts.

While the body is strengthening, martial arts brings about control and awareness. Forcing the practitioner to truly bring their focus into this moment. Gaining awareness of activating and controlling our muscles to gain mastery over movement. Creating a foundation for instinct where thought leaves the body and expression feeds from our soul flowing through as art.

Meditation at Valley of Fire, NV 2022

In meditation, we face ourselves and our minds allowing emotions, desires, and attachments to fade. Surrendering to our true selves and becoming the moment. Quieting the mind and exiting thought, we teach and strive to bring presence to every moment. Instilling these practices to reverberate great changes within ourselves that embody into our very lives. A way of life that we may have balance within our minds, throughout our body, surrendering to our spirit. What we train is what we do.

We offer online classes that you are able to take in any location OR private or group lessons in the St. Petersburg, FL area. We also offer seminars and are available for events. If you are interested in joining us in our training, please send us a message below: