Fera Academy is a Glass, Martial, and Fire Arts Academy.

We perform glassblowing demonstrations along with creating unique one of a kind works of art in glass. Ranging from functional wares to sculptural installations, the imagination is the limit. Our shop consists of our current gallery of work for sale. We are available for event bookings, custom orders, just contact us here for more information.

Martial Arts
Specializing in Taekwondo, Master Victor holds a 4th Dan Black Belt in the Chung Do Kwan style. Other disciplines includes Haedong Kumdo with a red belt, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with a Blue Belt, along with Muay Thai and various weapons that do not hold belt rankings. We offer self defense seminars where we go over situational awareness, basic self defense techniques, de-escalation techniques, and active shooter drills that will help you not only feel safer but be more prepared during a self defense situation. You can contact us more on our seminars / lessons by going here.

Fire Spinning Performances
Recently translating the skills for the Bo Staff in Martial Arts, Master Victor has evolved these techniques to a Contact Staff for Fire Spinning Performances. Flowing with the music and the environment, you can hire us to light up your event with some breath taking fire spinning that is sure to keep you and the audience captivated. You can check out some examples of our spinning and also hire us for your event by going here.

Certified Drone Pilot
We offer drone services that include videography and photography of resorts, landmarks, building inspections, and other services that would require a commercial license. We provide professional level footage with various perspective and thorough imagery.

Our passion is to create art while teaching it’s importance in everyday life. We look forward to connecting with many wonderful people as we travel. Here is a little bit more about the people.

The People of Fera

Inspired to create our dream, our mission is to bring to life beautiful art that inspires people. As many different forms of expression, the importance of art in our lives is a mission we aim to highlight. Over the next year, we will be looking to build our headquarters where we will bring to together the community we envision. Our path to a synergetic landscape for artists to live and breathe with freedom of expression rather than driven by money. To freedom to create is within every person, it’s up to each of us to unleash that creative beast.

Master Victor Almeida

Caroline Sullivan