Fire Spinning

We perform fire spinning demonstrations / flow art demonstrations for public and private events. Using the contact staff and sword, we flow to the music dancing with either fire or LEDs to create an elegant display of motion. Expressing ourselves through movement, our performances captivate the audience with it’s skill and risky maneuvers.

Fire Spinning @ Love Burns 2023

After a lifetime of practicing the Bo Staff in Martial Arts, Master Victor decided to transition those skills into the contact staff for fire spinning. To see a demonstration of these performances, you can see some examples in our social media including our YouTube video Fire Moon – Staff Flow in Ultra HD 4k.

Master Victor Performing with the Contact Staff on the Beaches of Louisiana

We offer flow performances for fire spinning for different events. We’ve performed at Renaissance Festivals, Fairs, Wellness Retreats, and other wonderful places open to experiencing our flow. You can have a look at our events page to see when we will be near your area. If you are interested in booking an event, please fill out the form below or contact us by giving us a call here.

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