The Beasts Cage at Love Burn 2023

From custom art installations, commission orders, glassblowing demonstrations, and teaching; we offer an array of services for glass. Recently completing “The Beasts Cage” installation for Love Burn 2023, we are able to bring this beautiful creation to different events for you to enjoy! Glass is a medium of expression that forces us to be in the moment in order to manipulate it’s being. Once cooled, it hardens into it’s desired shape holding that form for as long as you care for it.

We offer live demonstrations of glassblowing that engages and captures the audience. Traveling with a fully functional hot shop built by Mobile Glassblowing Studios, we bring the Mini Dragon with a front loading annealing oven to demonstrate the beauty of glass in the making. Our 2100F melting oven glows red hot while the gaffer creates magical pieces that draw in the audience. Explaining the process thoroughly, people of all ages are certain to be glued to the action.

With our glass demonstrations, we also offer glass sales of creations we have made. We carry with us an assortment of functional to decorative works that we have made. Our creations include cups, vases, fish, glass horns, candles, and many other beautiful and colorful glass works. You can see these works that are available for sale in our shop.

Opening the lip of a drinking horn at Alabama Renaissance Festival in 2022

If you’d like to book a reservation, please fill out the form below to request a quote for your event. We currently have a list of planned states we will be in listed in our Events section.

We also offer Fire Spinning Performances and Martial Arts Seminars for different events.

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