Unleash Your True Self with “The Beast’s Cage” Art Installation

“What if the most beautiful sound in the world is trapped inside a beast?”

Step into a world where art and introspection merge, offering a transformative experience for all. Presenting “The Beast’s Cage”—an 8ft half-pyramid structure adorned with an intricate array of glass horns, embodying the cage of the ego. A symbol of our inner conflicts and tumultuous emotions, this fragile yet sharp sculpture is a testament to the intricate layers of the human psyche.

Yet, “The Beast’s Cage” is not just an art piece to observe—it’s an experience. Climb up its back and take a moment to meditate, allowing yourself to transcend the confines of your own thoughts. Let the artwork guide you to a realization: That by confronting and understanding our emotions, we can liberate ourselves from the shackles of our own mind. When we silence the cacophony of doubts and fears, we can truly listen to our intuition and find peace, acceptance, and freedom in the present.

But our vision doesn’t stop here. To further enhance the immersive experience of “The Beast’s Cage,” we aim to infuse it with even more intricate details, each designed to evoke deeper introspection and realization. However, to realize this dream, we need your help.

Help Us Elevate “The Beast’s Cage” to New Heights!

We’re reaching out to our community and art enthusiasts to help us gather an additional $2,000 in donations. These funds will be directed towards enriching “The Beast’s Cage” with finer details, amplifying its message and impact.

In gratitude for your support, all donors will be acknowledged in our installation showcase. Additionally, we invite you to witness this masterpiece firsthand at the Love Burn 2024 event in Miami, FL.

Find out more information on our camp and installation by clicking here

Self Defense Seminars

These seminars focus on situational awareness, basic self defense training, active shooter drills, and reviewing this important information to make sure the attendants are comfortable using them. Self defense is a constant journey. Your donations today will go towards supplies, space reservations, and other equipment and costs associated with us holding our self defense seminars.

Large Scale Art Installations

Our large scale art installations are being worked on at the moment for Love Burn 2023. We will be working to bring our 9ft sculpture called “The Beast” to life. This project will involve a lot of materials and labor to construct. For more details on this project, you can see our post describing this installation.

Video Education

Until we find our land, we will be education our martial arts way of life through our YouTube channel. To support this venture, please subscribe to our channel and you can also donate to our cause here. These funds will be used in order to purchase equipment for better delivering content. We need better microphones, camera, drone, and editing equipment. Any and all help is appreciated. You can see our YouTube channel here.