Martial Arts

Sparring Class with Orange Belts at Fera Academy Spring 2021

Martial Arts brings awareness to ourselves and our surroundings. We strive to teach and train various styles of martial arts in order to bring awareness to our minds and bodies to instill discipline while learning to control our emotions through practicing presence.

We offer online and in person classes utilizing calisthenics, stretching techniques, meditation, and of course martial arts at various hours that fit different schedules, the dojang comes to you at your home. You’re able to quickly get into the training mindset and take care of your training right in the comfort of your home. We strive to create a balance of mind, body, and spirit through strengthening, stretching, and creating a healthy outlet for our emotions. Through training, we are forced to bring our awareness outside of our minds and instill presence in this very moment.

We train Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Haedong Kumdo as our martial arts disciplines. Approaching martial arts from the ideals of Jeet Kune Do, where each individual is unique in how they learn and apply their martial arts.

Master Victor demonstrating the Split Kick – August 2020

Martial Arts is a way of life we instill within ourselves. Using Calisthenics, we strengthen the body to withstand and deliver our desired results. Through deep stretching, we train our ligaments and muscles to endure aging and intense movements while and allowing for better blood flow and lessen deterioration as we age. Meditating is used to harness the power of now in bringing presence into our minds allowing thought to exit and action through training to fill it’s place. Surrendering to yourself by exiting the mind and existing in the moment is our true goal.

Join us in our training and start your path in self improvement and healing today. You can setup an introductory call with Master Victor by filling out the form below or sign up and start training today becoming a Fera Academy Member by clicking here.