Martial Arts

Sparring Class with Orange Belts at Fera Academy Spring 2021

Martial Arts brings awareness to ourselves and our surroundings. We strive to teach and train various styles of martial arts in order to bring awareness to our minds and train our bodies to instill discipline, while learning to control our emotions and instill presence.

Through our practice in martial arts, we aim to bring peace within ourselves and in relationships with others. By understanding ourselves and those around us, we can better handle difficult situations without being overcome by anger, fear, greed, etc.

We train Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Haedong Kumdo as our disciplines; although the approach comes from the ideals of Jeet Kune Do. You can start and follow along your Martial Arts journey with our videos. We offer some basic exercise videos and will be launching a live streaming class you can participate in.

Master Victor demonstrating the Split Kick – August 2020

One of out main offerings is large group self defense seminars. We go over situational awareness, shooter self defense, proper close range techniques to utilize against an attacker, and we go over these things in a way you will be comfortable using them. We always recommend continued practice and training in order to keep your instincts up to date. You can request a seminar with your group or organization by going here.