Martial Arts

Sparring Class with Orange Belts at Fera Academy Spring 2021

Martial Arts brings awareness to ourselves and our surroundings. We strive to teach and train various styles of martial arts in order to bring awareness to our minds and bodies to instill discipline while learning to control our emotions through practicing presence.

We aim to bring peace within ourselves and in relationships with others. By understanding ourselves and those around us, we can better handle difficult situations without being overcome by anger, fear, greed, etc.

We train Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Haedong Kumdo. We approach martial arts from the ideals of Jeet Kune Do. where each individual is unique in how they learn and apply their martial arts.

Master Victor demonstrating the Split Kick – August 2020

Martial Arts is a way of life we instill within ourselves. Using Calisthenics, we strengthen the body to withstand and deliver. Stretching our ligaments and muscles to endure and create better blood flow. Meditating to harness the power of now in bringing presence into our minds.

In turn, this is reflected in our bodies as the ripples of focus sharpen ourselves. Establishing a strong foundation from which to grow, our academy teaches confidence in the self and freedom of expression. In knowing who we are, we can be free.

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