Sexy Beasts and The Beasts Cage – Love Burn 2023

For Love Burn 2023 in Miami, we will be bringing our camp Sexy Beasts to the beach! For the masquerade of fools, we received an art grant to construct an installation piece called The Beasts Cage. We will also be holding various events throughout the burn! A number of our events will be naked, although not required, in order to invoke a feeling of freedom and release. Our nudist events are not about being sexual, but about promoting awareness and acceptance of self.

The Beast’s Cage

The Beast’s Cage represents the prison we impose upon ourselves through our ego. Represented by a ring of fire created from glass horns, you can walk the platform into the center of your self imposed prison. Beautiful and with the appearance of safety, we are removed and sheltered from all that is around us. Not letting anything get close yet creating the very beast we fear within ourselves. With awareness, we can see the pathway out of this cage into true freedom of presence. By shedding that ego, we may let go of our desires and be filled with the very love and beauty that fills this very moment.

Here are some pictures detailing how the installation will be built. If you’d like to support our construction, manufacturing, and overall general venture in creating this piece, you can also donate below:

ROYGBIV horns with backlighting for night time fun
Walkway with supports. Rebar holding the glass horns in place.

We’ve recently started production on the horns required to make the fire like appearance. Having to create nearly 40 to 50 of each color with a few more red, orange, and yellow as their width at the base requires. The cage has begun its birth:

Scarlett Horns featured as the furnace heats up to make more

Update Posts on The Beasts Cage

Fire Spinning Performances

Satuday at Midnight!

With various spinners at camp and an art installation of a fire cage, we will be holding to fire spinning performances throughout the burn. We have a scheduled time yet we will be spinning throughout the nights of the burns on unscheduled moments. We love fire, afterall. If you are interested in spinning with us during these performances, please send me a message on our website here. Times and locations coming soon!

Naked Sunset Meditation & Stretching

Thursday at 4:30PM to 6:00PM &
Sunday at 4:30PM to 6:00PM

We will be holding guided meditation sessions bringing about presence and mindfulness. Allowing the veil of thought to shed away as we bring within and around us this very moment. Directly after meditation, we will move into deep stretching. Through breath and movement, we may instill ease into our muscles throughout our body. Finding those tight areas and creating space within our bodies, we will be guiding movements to help release tension and bring about relaxation. Lead by Master Victor, who takes a martial arts approach at stretching–a bit different than traditional yoga.

Naked Oil Wrestling

Saturday at 3:00PM to 3:45PM

Turning into an amorphous blob of humans, oil wrestling was one of my favorite events we did at the 2022 Love Burn. This time, we want to get more people involved in creating this non stop laughter mess of movement. Not being able to stand or grab anything, we wrestle covered in coconut oil on a tarp that has padding underneath. We will finish just in time to hit the foam showers!

BJJ Free Rolling

Friday at 2:00PM to 3:00 PM

Gui or no Gui, we will be rolling for the joy of jiu jitsu. Using padded training mats, we can safely roll trading skills and thoughts as we speak the language of BJJ. From beginners to advanced, all are welcome as we explore the endless depth of ourselves through martial arts and movement.