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The Beasts Cage – Fabrication

The Beasts Cage – Fabrication
One of the Root Chakra horns for the installation

This month we were awarded a grant for Love Burn 2023 to create an installation piece called The Beasts Cage. This piece will consist of hundreds of glass horns encircling the center platform. The horns will resemble fire as the cage of the ego flares up with what feels like protection. In truth, this fire cage hurts any that come near it only fooling us in thinking it’s what we need. The truth, once perspective is gained, lies in walking outside the fire where you can see what it truly is. Having created this ego throughout our life, we see we can let it go and flourish without. Letting the weight shed as you feel each step walking towards a new path. Freeing yourself from the cage, you are a beast no more! Ready to fly and sore. Unmasking yourself in this masquerade of fools and let your heart shine with authenticity.

As we may wear literal masks, the internal mask is deeper. Seeking to be more aware and dropping this veil is challenging. To speak with kindness and love rather than a temper and anger. Allowing peace to spread instead of chaos by bringing softness to each movement instead of being lost in thoughts. Through each breath we instill a new method and way of life. What we practice is what we do, yet if we never try we can not achieve. By demonstrating perseverance and integrity in our actions, we may bring motivation that nurtures change. Our thoughts and feelings go with us everywhere. Ever-present in our lives, allowing them to settle and bringing awareness to them allows for growth. Yet being free from them is the true goal. Letting go of control and trusting your inner self may guide you to peace.

In every moment there is so much to take in. We hardly ever accept the reality around us by living in our heads. Letting go of desires and wants allows us to fill our minds and entire selves with what is this moment. Your feet or but on the ground, the clothes on your skin, the smells in the air, the noises around you, the feeling deep within your bones. When we feel all of these things and allow our breath to fill our lungs, the rest fades. The pain trickles into the past as what is right now fills our soul. Experiencing this immediate moment will set us free.

First three batches of Root Chakra horns

Going back to the horns, they will be ROYGBIV in color starting at red on the bottom. The colors will represent not only each chakra but all 7 sins. In dealing with ourselves, we must face the positive and negative side of each of these inner evils. Through color, we demonstrate these different issues and difficulties that challenge us in our lives. We’ve started out with just the red horns as they will be the most in number. Being at the bottom, they will need to cover the base of the structure. Thereafter, we go up through the rainbow with purple being the least in number. As we continue construction, look for updated posts on the fabrication of this installation. Once the horns are done, we still have to build the platform.

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