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The Arts & Permaculture Dream

I’ve had a dream for quite some time; to live in an arts paradise that’s enveloped in nature. Encompassing many mediums including glass, ceramics, metal, wood, photography, digital arts etc. but also things like Martial Arts, Performance, Literature, Yoga, Massage, Meditation, Nature School, and much more. Creating an arts and healing paradise that’s synergetic with nature using permaculture methods to work with the land. We’d need to grow our own food and capture our own water filtering it for the many different uses. My partner Caroline and I are currently in search of our landing spot in order to establish our community.

While living in Maryland, in the suburbs, we began to realize the giant trap we’d fallen into. Paying for water, electricity, and food we can very easily grow ourselves. Most of the food we were exposed to wasn’t even that healthy and was bland in taste. Realizing we wanted a bit more land, better climate to work with, and the housing market shooting up; we decided to go on the road in our search. As we travel the country and see the landscape, we’ve also began to see the differences in climate but also in culture.

We found a wonderful community of individuals dedicated to self growth and preservation of the lands. Working with nature, rather than against it, is not something that has come naturally to the industrialized thinking methods of our times. Creating this community is essential in order to making such dreams work. We cannot, as humans, live alone but must learn to live together. In harmony and peace we will grow and help one another.

Now, as our culture awakens to its impacts on our environments and our ability to do something about it, we could not stand there and just feed into this system. We’ve noticed from being on the road our electrical and water usage has significantly decreased. While boondocking, we get 100% of our energy from our solar panels (on sunny days) and have a 60 Gallon reserve of water to last a week, therefore conscious usage has become normal. The restraint in using water has shown us just how easy it is to waste such a valuable resource. Our minds don’t normally think about it because it’s so easy to turn on that tap.

By investing our time and efforts into growing a community that will work with the our environment for overall betterment rather than profit is how we will succeed in reversing the damage we’ve all done. Even now as I have transitioned to focusing on my business, the main goal has to be making money in order to support ourselves getting our land. That is a big red flag in how our system is designed and has prioritized money over every important aspects of our lives.

As we travel the United States to ensure ourselves we’ve picked the right landing spot, we are growing our business to support this venture. and invest into this community. We’ve lately landed in St. Petersburg, FL in hopes to work with the conscious community already existing here to help create our dreams. You can read more on these different aspects of our business and how to support us below:

Show Support

We are creating unique video content that is being posted on our instagram – @fera_academy, and our YouTube. The longer and higher quality content goes on YouTube. You can show support by following, subscribing, and liking our content. We truly appreciate any and all support.

Donations are also accepted and very helpful. You can donate through our website. Donations go towards the creation of our art projects called “The Beast” installation piece and helps us hold different seminars. This is the second phase to the existing “The Beasts Cage”.


As we travel the United States, we are offering demonstrations of the glass making process. The audience is always captivated and engaged with our descriptive walk through of the process. Our fully functional mobile glass studio allows us to setup and have hot glass within 3 hours. We can go anywhere and blow glass which is truly freeing in our ability to cater to any event and space (Outdoors Only). If you’d like to book an event, you can click here for more! You can also support us by shopping through our existing gallery of art work available here!

Martial Arts

Using Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Haedong Kumdo; we will be teaching online and in person classes in order to spread the knowledge. Using calisthenics and stretching to help heal the body, we combine it with martial arts to gain awareness and control over ourselves. The true battle we fight is on the inside of our minds with ourselves. If you are interested in learning and studying the arts, send us a message to get started in your training journey today!

Fire Spinning

Translating the skills from the bo staff to the contact staff, we create a martial arts oriented performance to bring our the flow. Lately also incorporating the fire sword by integrating moves from Haedong Kumdo, we are creating a more elegant demonstration. Check out a demo of our Fire Moon Staff performance on the beaches of Louisiana. If you’d like to book a performance, click here.

Drone Footage

We take professional quality 4K drone footage that is part 107 Certified for Commercial use. You can see some examples of our work and contact us for your event or location today.

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