Sexy Beasts

Focus on creating a safe space for people
Expressing themselves through dance and fire
Meditating and stretching, caring for oneself
We bring peace and love to spread to all
Making each of you feel like a Sexy Beast

Our camp was created to help heal the body and mind to allow ourselves to be free. Through caring of our bodies in exercising, massaging, art, and stretching we can release tension which facilitates relaxation and our ability to instill peace in our bodies and minds.

We focus on creating a healthy mental space through meditation, dancing, fire spinning, and martial arts; this allows the channeling of energy and emotion to flow rather than stagnate. Creating healthy outlets for ourselves to unleash parts we need to let go of. Allowing ourselves to knead joy and peace into these moments cleansing ourselves.

Here are some of the events we hold at Sexy Beasts

Naked Oil Wrestling

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Flow, Stretch & Meditation Workshop

Fire Spinning

Ecstatic Dance

We’ll have more details on these events in the future.

We also host the art installation The Beast’s Cage which consists of hundreds of glass horns around a meditation platform creating a glass cage of fire. Representing the self imposed cage of the ego, the beasts cage is meant to draw the viewer to climb, ascending to the center of the fire. Once on-top, we encourage people to take a second to exit the mind and enter into their body and this moment. Relaxing each part of the body, bringing awareness to the breath, and allowing the mind and body to calm. Hear the music and people around, smell the air, and surrender to this moment no longer experiencing art but embodying and becoming the art itself.

The Beasts Cage is an interactive art installation created to help bring awareness to how much pain we instill in our own live. Our ego creates a world we think makes us feel safe while in reality it pushes everyone away. We are each dealing with trauma and issues from generations of conditioned behaviors. It’s our responsibility to take our healing into the path of moving forward. If we wish to live filled with joy and happiness, it’s up to us to change how we see the world, how we see ourselves.

If you’d like to help the construction of The Beasts Cage 2.0 for Love Burn 2024, please donate here! Thank you.

The Beasts Cage Art Installation at Love Burn 2023