Through a constant awareness of the present moment, we live

What is Fera Academy

In our videos, we aim to teach and enlighten the general public about the importance of Martial Arts as a foundational element of our every day lives.

Incorporating these practices and values brings us closer to the our ideal health and happiness that we strive for.

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Art is an expression of oneself, our emotions, and ideas. It's significance and impact are often overlooked. Through the freedom of expression, we create our dreams.

Follow us as we travel with our hot glassblowing studio in the journey of creating "The Beast"; The uncaging of the self to be unbound--limitless.

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After traveling the country and creating our videos, we plan on settling at an undetermined final location to create our academy.

Any support will be aiding our venture in creating our videos and starting our dream of owning our arts and healing center. We are very thankful to any and all support.

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The people behind the art

Art Nomads

News & Updates

Martial Arts is usually regarded as something dangerous or to walk away from. There is an old proverb “It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a battle field.” In learning martial arts, we discover we do not want to hurt others. We find the ability to be compassionate […]