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I Am The Bubble, Make Me The Sea

I Am The Bubble, Make Me The Sea

As we journey through life, we carry ourselves every where we go. We are the one thing we cannot escape from. We take with us our thoughts, emotions, and our bodies. We take our pain, our happiness, and our state of being. Those very things, our bodies, mind, emotions; are the only things we are responsible for controlling. We may not be those things, but the responsibility falls upon each of us, regardless of how they manifested.

In our society, we are presented with many challenges. In order to overcome physical discomforts, mental downfalls, and emotional weights as large as mountains; than we must first understand ourselves. We must first understand what created those obstacles and face that pain. Allowing peace to settle the tension, allowing love to knead the hate. Slowly, our awareness subsides these emotions allowing us to bring our perspectives to other points of views. The old thought patterns start to fade as a they way of being and thinking slips into existence.

Mt Hood in Oregon, 2023

I’ve found through proper regular meditation that the most important rewiring of the brain has happened allowing old thought patterns to subside. Training the brain to focus on one spot, relaxing the body, and filling it with love and joy. These actions repeatedly have had deep lasting effects on my mental health. It’s increased my focus, calmness, happiness, and tolerance to stress. Although I am still vulnerable to those things, the before and after meditation results are comparable. You are literally training your brain to instill calm rather than spread chaos.

Breathwork also helped release emotional and physical discomforts. For the physical: martial arts, calisthenics, and stretching have been used in order to create a healthy and strong body that facilitates movement, flexibility, and creates good posture and functionality. Calisthenics and Stretching have been performed nearly 5 to 6 times per week sometimes 1 to 3 times per day. Creating a foundation, than making is harder to produce growth. Those outlets also create a channel that allows emotions to flow and exit the body and mind.

Yosemite Valley 2023

Art is one of the greatest ways to express hidden things within ourselves. Especially those we may not fully understand. Channeling this creativity through painting, pottery, or glass; fire spinning, dancing, or martial arts. The different expressions allowing for different outlets creating versatility in expression. This allows for emotional freedom through various channels creating growth. Also collaborating with others, we can truly enhance the inspiration and creative nature of the arts allowing a new expression to flow through that is a combination of both rather than one sole vision.

How do we even get there you ask? When you have to work every day to pay for food, rent, gas, and life. Honestly, that’s the entire point. Our system is setup to trap us into that. You get home and watch a T.V. show rather than working on yourself or focus on some sports games. I used to be a big football fan until the past 5 years. I haven’t really cared for watching football anymore. Mainly because I’ve been focusing on myself and creating the life I want. Sitting down to watch football 4 days a week was far too time consuming for what reward? My team losing? Or winning? I’d rather work on making my dreams come true.

Slowly, every day, doing something to go toward my goals. On the worst of days, even thinking about it and trying to plan things was hard but still necessary. We still watch T.V. and go out, that hasn’t changed. We also work hard and make things happen. There is a fine balance between these things as you can quickly burn yourself our from working too hard. I found this out the hard way many times. The difference is, when you work for yourself doing something you love than it doesn’t feel like work. You can still burn out, but it’s a different threshold. The stuff I love to do, well, I love to do it. You feel the progress and reward of getting something done for yourself. When you start seeing the fruits of your labor, than it all starts paying off.

Yosemite Valley, 2023

There are often times that we may feel stuck though. That is where creating and having a strong support network of friends, family, partners, and other chosen family relations that can truly make a difference. We are all here on this planet together as one human race working as the planet earth ecosystem with every living being. We must learn to cooperate with one another and support each other. Existing alone is not something we are meant to do as humans. We learn from one another and are inspired through actions of others. I personally didn’t get here alone. I’ve had help from my mother, my partner, my friends. Nothing I’ve done has been alone, although many actions were done by me.

YouTube Video of Master Victor Spinning the Fire Trident in California, 2023

In summary, be responsible for yourself first. Grow your own food. Get your own water. Make your own shelter. Train your mind to be disciplined and focused. Harness the power of the breath to allow yourself to exit harsh emotional moments. Practice meditation to rewire the brain and create new ways of thinking. Feed yourself healthy and clean foods. Drink clean and plenty of water. Exercise and stretch your body to stay mobile and strong as you age. We are the results of our actions every day. Practice what you wish to be. Accept who you are today and make the changes you need for the you of tomorrow. Allow growth through love to take place of pain. Set yourself free through the magic of living in this moment. Let go of what happened yesterday. Lose sight of tomorrow. Fill yourself with everything in this heart beat.

If you feel lost, you can always tell yourself “I am the bubble, make me the sea”. Remember you are not this body, mind, or thought. You are this moment, the energy that flows through you, the very universe itself. Remember the breath.

I am the bubble
Make me the sea

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