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On The Road Again

On The Road Again

Caroline and I have been traveling on the road for 7 months now. We’ve finally driven deep into the Central Time zone through the southern states; going where neither of us have been.

As we move West, we noticed the very rich furtile lands of Tennessee, Alabama and Misssissippi. The bugs and plants are just different there. More dense with plants, yet the bugs don’t bite as much as in Florida. When they do, it surely hurts more. The bugs decorated the entire front of our truck until a recent cleaning.

Hiking Radnor Lake in Tennessee with our friend Ella

Our trip has come with many surprises. Unexpectedly meeting wonderful people, being guided to places we never knew, and allowing ourselves to change. As we travel, we begin to open ourselves even more to the possibilities around us. Creating more space for growth as we experience others and ourselves in new ways.

Black Belt Overlook in Mississippi

The mountains turned to hills and then into plains. All of it lush with forest I feel used to be throughout our Eastern Coast. It’s truly beautiful and precious, something to protect.

As the hills faded, you could see so much further. The farmland stretched for miles behind the forest. Where it used to be lush trees now existed fields of grass and wheat.

The sparse population keeps large areas of nature untouched, in contrast to the coast with small patches of forest. We are experiencing small patches of civilization which is a nice change.

The Old Trace – Natchez Trace National Parkway

One of the true benefits of having an RV or Van while traveling is having your own bathroom and eating area. Being able to stop for lunch, cook your own food, and sit down for a minute. That has been priceless.

We’ve been taking our time driving. Taking in each moment and turn as the bends bring around new views. Never knowing what to expect, the excitement never dulls.

Its not about the destination, but each moment. For every turn, regardless how many times we’ve taken it, is always a surprise.

Jeff Busby Campground – Lunch Stop

This campground at Jeff Busby is truly gorgeous. We were planning to spend the night here, but arrived earlier and felt we could trudge further. The journey flows with the wind as the river changes its path.

Try and force the flow, and the current may overwhelm. Become the flow, know where you have been, where you will go; then, you may redirect your path in the now.

I mean come on, we had to

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