Seeking a New Home – The Wild West

Seeking a New Home – The Wild West

Leaving Texas and heading North through Colorado and then going into the desert through Utah, Arizona, and Nevada; we created this video to showcase the developments in our journey. The mountains are breathtaking and immense. Their size isn’t understood until you get to them. Seeing a picture or video doesn’t do justice to the magnificent size of these landscapes. The desert has been drier than we thought and makes us wish for more humidity. Each part of our journey brings new surprises and forces us to adapt.

Having left my job as a software engineer in July to work full time here at Fera Academy, we now can create more art and digital content. Spending more time teaching martial arts, demonstrating glass, and performing fire spinning, you will see many more videos.

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Master Victor is a Fine, Martial and Fire Arts practitioner amongst many other things.

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