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Art is Expression

Art is Expression

At Fera Academy, we study various types of arts from Martial, Glass, Fire, Digital, Performance, and other disciplines. The limit becomes where your creativity stops. Art can be expressed through words, movement, a brush stroke, and simple existing. Art is an expression of ourselves that few truly appreciate. Those who do, see a world that is invaluable and untamable.

Art is not a competition with others, but a pursuit to more accurate express ourselves through our chosen medium. This freedom of expression frees the soul to unleash the creative spirit allowing us to channel the energies flowing through us. Our expression, the more we seek to refine it, becomes more pure. When we start any art form, almost like anything else we do, we may not be so good at it. Through courage and love of what we do, our style is refined into a pure representation of who we are.

Without being able to express ourselves, we can often times feel blocked. The fear of doing it wrong or being bad it certain disciplines may prevent us from ever trying. Having the courage to take the first steps is often hard for some. Others, in contrast, are thrilled to be thrown into a new world of experience. We grow through these changes allowing our minds and bodies to experience these ever changing methods in which we may unleash creativity. This is very important in staying young within our hearts and souls.

Not everyone finds an outlet to express themselves, but those who do are lucky. Don’t be afraid to try something new and suck at it. We all suck at first, I know I did. Through loving the act of creation and expression, our skills are refined. This then transforms into a healthy outlet that channels emotions and thoughts into manifested reality. Art is important in order to inspire others and to express ourselves. Through art, we may heal our bodies and minds allowing our souls to speak.

Train your mind to keep going. This in turn will discipline the body to remember techniques improving your expression through your medium. We are what we practice. What we do, we become. Chose to be what you love and allow yourself to be unrestricted by the fear of failure for it will stop you before every getting started. Follow the heart towards where you want to go and you will be free. Trusting not the mind but the soul will lead us to our freedom.

Art is sacred and should be treasured as such. The few who see this are valuable in their appreciation and for that artists are thankful. Find the creativity within you, for it is there. All you must do is find the right channel to unleash your beast. Allow yourself to be uncaged from the bars of thought and worries. Allow the spirit to flow through the fears holding us back. Art will set you free and in turn inspire others. We are all artist, we just need to find where inside of us that exists. We all have a dream of creating something. Find a way to realize that dream and manifest it into this reality. The journey is often hard, but expressing ourselves sets us free. Be you, be free, be conscious of yourself and you’ll feel the love inside.

Through another form of art, in video, you can see more of our expression here:

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