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Establishing a Healthier Diet – Eating Plant Based

Establishing a Healthier Diet – Eating Plant Based

Most of us have gotten used to eating meat all the time for every single meal yet most of us know that eating more fruits and vegetables is healthier for us. I grew up in a Brazilian household which is heavily mixed in with eating meat–Churrasco. The majority of the older generations who eat these meals have big hard stomachs and/or don’t look or feel healthy. That’s what I was looking to become should I not change my own methods of eating. The high protein and fatty rich diet that we’ve grown used to has become our own downfall. When eating out or going anywhere, it’s almost impossible to get away from these saturated food sources that may taste good but can have such negative health effects. A plant-based diet can taste just as good, honestly to me it taste even better, than their meat alternative–they are certainly healthier.

The high animal protein diet most of the Americas is currently undertaking is not sustainable through deforestation, higher level of green house gas production than the entire transportation section, and high requirements of food and water to produce. This diet also increases the level of cardiovascular based diseases and creates an array of different health problems.

In particular, the lower overall mortality was attributable primarily to substitution of plant protein for egg protein (24% lower risk in men and 21% lower risk in women) and red meat protein (13% lower risk in men and 15% lower risk in women).. In this large prospective cohort, higher plant protein intake was associated with small reductions in risk of overall and cardiovascular disease mortality.
Farmers Subsidized to Use Public Lands to Raise Cows for Slaughter @ Baca Campground, NM

I remember in middle school learning about how plants derive their energy from the sun and we have animals that eat those plants and process that energy into a more complex protein. Even in middle school, we were taught these animal proteins didn’t contain as much energy due to them being used by that animal and then being processed further into their muscle tissues. It just didn’t click back then on how grand of an effect that has on our energy level, reduction in fat intake, and pound for pound more nutrient pet bite just by eating plants.

At first, it was hard, being surrounded by those who ate meat, being served meat, and craving it. After every meal I’d feel lethargic and wanted to take a nap. I slowly started to integrate plant based meals about 5 years ago during my training in martial arts. I immediately felt differences like not being as bloated or not feeling tired after eating; I also was able to train longer–significantly longer. I started to be able to train before teaching, teach the entire day, and come out the other end still wanting to exercise. I slowly started to reduce the level of meat I was intaking as I saw the benefits reflected in my every day life. This took time. Nothing happens overnight. It started with one meal a week, then two. Eventually it was an easier step to just cut out meat completely and the results were revolutionary.

As of this past July in 2022, all animals products were cut out including cheese and eggs. These proteins are still linked to higher cardiovascular issues and are still processed animal proteins, as linked above. The less middle men between you and the source of energy, the cleaner the protein.

Research shows that plant-based diets are cost-effective, low-risk interventions that may lower body mass index, blood pressure, HbA1C, and cholesterol levels. They may also reduce the number of medications needed to treat chronic diseases and lower ischemic heart disease mortality rates.

Then you get the question, what about Vitamin B-12? Well, luckily for us, the wonderful world of mushrooms and seaweed contains these nutrients. White button mushrooms, Cremini Mushroom, Nori Seaweed, Chlorella, and Tempeh all contain Vitamin B12.

HPLC and mass spectrometry showed vitamin B(12) retention time and mass spectra identical to those of the standard vitamin B(12) and those of food products including beef, beef liver, salmon, egg, and milk but not of the pseudovitamin B(12), an inactive corrinoid in humans.

You may also want to consider reading this article that goes more into the nutrient levels of these of these solutions.

A survey of naturally occurring and high Vitamin B12-containing plant-derived food sources showed that nori, which is formed into a sheet and dried, is the most suitable Vitamin B12 source for vegetarians presently available.
Clicker Training with the Pigs @ Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary in Erie, CO

Through my experience, eating a plant based diet has had many great effects throughout my life including major health benefits and a significant increase in available energy. I could run, exercise, stretch, and go about my day with less fatigue than ever before and I was just getting into my early 30s.

Eating healthy along with exercise and stretching can have long lasting beneficial effects to our health. Establishing these things in our life is very important, although difficult. When eating out it’s very hard to find plant based foods yet extremely worth it. The sooner you choose to replace even just one meal with plant based options, you’ll start to feel the difference. Think about your health and start eating plant based foods today. If you don’t know where to start, you can have a look at one of our posts for some quick and easy solutions.

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