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Martial Arts Lifestyle

Martial Arts is a lifestyle that we follow by incorporating its values into our lives. Training is something that is hard to progress through, as the difficulties of life weigh upon us. Deep within, we know that training brings us closer to our goals. Forcing the incorporation of dedication and resilience through hardship. Instilling strength and confidence through our actions. In turn, it strengthens the body and brings awareness away from the chatter of thought. Cleansing the emotions through exerting that energy through a healthy channel. Allowing the presence to exist only in this moment.

The Beasts Cage in St. Petersburg Florida

This integration breeds awareness. The creation of responsibility within oneself to go deeper. Allowing what was to subside making room for the true love of the soul. Expression rising above conflict, its serenity is untouched. Our true goal is to spread this peace from within to all around us. Sharing the insight of the self that is covered with light. We study these arts not to make war, but instead to learn to avoid it and bring about peace. In this journey we are tested every day and must allow those surges to flow for deep within lies love and bliss. 

In our training, we’ve incorporated much longer calisthenics, stretching, and meditation techniques in order to bring about the balance required to fulfill these goals. Creating days of focus so that we may further explore each subject. One can start by incorporating breathing techniques such as these: into your at least once a week routine and eventually every day–slowly.

With the newsletter as we talk about different implementations and ideas of martial arts, I’ll include a resource for your benefit as well as some updates on the current situation. If you’d like to look further into this training, we are currently teaching online classes. If you are interested in training with Master Victor, send a message here.

Remember, we choose our happiness. Look within.

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Master Victor is a Fine, Martial and Fire Arts practitioner amongst many other things.

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